Accounting services in Belarus

At the very beginning of a company’s work, there are many issues with which a full-time accountant is physically unable to cope because of a lack of time and energy. Or he is simply not on the staff of a young company. The choice of taxation system, transition from simplified to general taxation system, registration of new activities, preparation of declarations and other documents – aspects on which the work of the company depends. In order for all this to be done correctly and in the future did not bring problems it is worth turning to specialists in accounting assistance.

For medium and small businesses, outsourcing accounting assistance is a more favorable solution than having a full-time accountant. Your own specialist needs to pay salary and taxes on it, develop responsibilities and control their fulfillment. Providing accounting assistance by a third-party company reduces risks, controls costs and improves the quality of accounting. Often the head of a young company needs professional advice about bookkeeping.

What exactly will professionals who provide accounting assistance be useful for:

  • Set up bookkeeping;
  • Process the primary documentation;
  • Fill out the necessary accounting registers – book of income and expenses, book of goods movements, book of gross receipts;
  • Prepare and submit tax returns by means of electronic declaration;
  • Accrue wages and other payments to employees;
  • Prepare employment contracts, timesheets and other documents for personnel records;
  • Prepare and submit reports to the Federal Social Security Fund and Belgosstrakh;
  • Advise on accounting issues related to business activities.

Accounting support can be carried out on a permanent basis or on a one-off basis, when a certain type of accounting work is required. The most popular one-off accounting works are:

  • Registration of zero balance sheet and zero reporting;
  • Submission of declarations, reports and forms in electronic form;
  • Payroll;
  • Receipt of electronic keys and their extension;
  • Resolving issues with insurance and statistical authorities, tax authorities;
  • Development of tax and accounting policies, based on the peculiarities of the organization;
  • Calculation of annual balance sheet with explanatory note and annexes;
  • Drawing up liquidation balance sheets;
  • One-time execution of business and accounting documentation.

The specifics of accounting largely depend on the organizational and legal form of the company.

Accounting assistance for individual entrepreneurs

Accounting work for individual entrepreneurs includes the preparation of primary accounting documentation and on the basis of it the filling of accounting books. These books prescribe all economic activities of an individual entrepreneur. In order to avoid mistakes that entail serious consequences, it is worth contacting specialists who provide accounting work.

Accounting assistance in the Republic of Belarus for legal entities

Accounting support for legal entities is based on the accounting policy of the company and the taxation system. Personnel accounting, payroll calculation and reporting for the background of social protection and Belgosstrakh.

Restoration of accounting

It happens that an individual entrepreneur or a company partially or completely lacks tax and accounting records. In order to successfully pass a scheduled audit and productive work it is necessary to put it in order.

When restoring accounting, the specialist checks the state in which the accounting exists. The availability and quality of filling out the necessary primary accounting documentation is checked, missing documents are restored. Then all documents are entered into accounting programs to calculate the amount of taxes. The received amounts are checked against the previous tax reports and in case of discrepancy of data are submitted revised declarations.

The cost of accounting work in the Republic of Belarus is made up of many factors. The main ones – the type of activity of the organization, the system of taxation, the quality of primary documentation. The number of employees and the presence or absence of foreign economic activity. On the cost of restoring accounting affect the seasonality of the enterprise, the recovery period, the number of missing documents.

Entrust outsourcing of accounting work should be exclusively to professionals in the business, guaranteeing high quality work. In order to avoid cooperation with unscrupulous companies, it is worth contacting our specialists. We will select for you the best companies providing accounting assistance in Minsk and other cities of Belarus.

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