Buying a Domain Name in Belarus

Internet and IT technologies have become so tightly embedded in modern life that almost no areas of life can manage without them. This is especially true for commercial activities. A company that does not have its own website (of any kind, be it a business card website or an online store) will completely lag behind its competitors.

The creation of any site begins with the selection and purchase of a domain name. The standard site name is “” where xxxxx is the domain name and .by is the domain zone. A domain name is both the “address” of your site and its name. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right domain name, because it will determine the recognition and memorability of your company by potential customers. The domain name may include letters, numbers and the hyphen symbol “-”,the hyphen cannot be placed at the beginning or end of the name. The length of the domain name can vary from three to sixty three characters.

The optimal solution for a resident of Belarus and foreign companies or representative offices starting their activities in our country is to choose a domain name in the BY or BEL zone.

In Belarus you can buy and register a domain name at the registrar. These are often the same companies that offer hosting services. On the website of such a company, you can select a domain name that is suitable for the type of activity of the company, then you should check if this name is already taken, and if it available, you can sign an agreement and register your purchase. If the chosen site name is already taken, the registrar will offer you similar (or close in meaning) names.

According to the registration rules in the BY and BEL domain zones, maximum registration period for a domain name is 2 years. Domains that have not been renewed by their owners go to a charity domain auction. All proceeds go to Belarusian orphanages. In such ways, more than half a million dollars have already been earned and handed to children.

According to the “Instructions on the procedure for registering domain names in the hierarchical namespace of the national network segment”, .BY and .БЕЛ domains can be registered by legal entities accredited by the technical administrator of the national domain zone. Our team will advise you on any issues of buying domain names in Belarus, and will help you buy the necessary domain names in your name.

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