Virtual office in Belarus

For any legal business in our country, among other things, a legal address is required. Although officially this term sounds – “location of a legal entity”. This is one of the main attributes of a legal entity (as important as a registration number or company name). First of all, a legal address is required for:

  • registration of an enterprise/a company/a firm;
  • receiving correspondence from government bodies and other authorities, including counterparties (official letters, original documents, notifications from funds, decisions of judicial authorities);
  • registration of the company with the tax service of the Ministry of Taxation Inspection Board, National Social Security Fund, etc .;
  • conclusion of contracts with other companies (use as contract details);
  • details when opening settlement accounts.

There are several options to get a legal address: 1) register a legal address at the place of residence (or privately owned real estate) of the founder, 2) rent a legal address.

The second option is most popular: thus, by concluding a lease of a legal address, the client has no need to pay utility bills, do maintenance, cleaning of premises, and so on. Moreover, if necessary, they can always gain access to the premises, for example, during negotiations. 

For more than seven years we have rendered services for providing a legal address in Minsk for our clients. With us, various options are possible, both with and without accommodation. The available premises (offered for rent) belong to us by right of ownership, are 100% legal and have all the legal papers required for registration. In order to avoid legal problems in the case of planned and sudden inspections from regulatory authorities, all enterprises where premises for renting a legal address are located have an extremely positive history and absolutely all leaseholders are our clients, we never “give out” legal addresses to unverified companies.

The advantage of renting a legal address with us is the ability to terminate the contract or change the legal address at any time. In the latter case, our experts prepare all the documents necessary when changing the address (the whole procedure will take no more than two days). In addition, we provide our customers with the following additional services:

  • free utilities (zero utilities);
  • reception, storage or forwarding of all incoming correspondence, phone calls and faxes, including scanning of incoming correspondence and sending it to the client’s email;
  • secretarial service (if necessary);
  • accounting services and legal advice.

If you are looking for a clean and reliable legal address in Minsk – we are at your service. With us, you can safely and inexpensively locate your company, as well as be sure that you receive all incoming correspondence on time to your email. 

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