Open an account for a foreign company in Belarus

Opening a bank account for a company in Belarus

Companies operating in the territory of the Republic of Belarus are required to have an open bank account in Belarus. A current account can be issued both independently and by contacting specialized companies offering a service to support opening an account with a bank.

Who can open an account with a bank in Belarus?

Do entrepreneurs need to open a bank account?

Any legal entity, both a resident and a non-resident, can and must open a bank account in Belarus. With the exception of individual entrepreneurs. So, an individual entrepreneur may not open a current account if:

carries out activities without a cash register;

applies the general taxation system and profit is not more than 1000 basic units;

does not produce products intended for export.

Opening an account for a resident legal entity

To open an account with a bank, a representative of a resident legal entity must apply to the bank with an application for opening an account and provide the following documents:

identity document of the director or other person representing the interests of the company to open an account;

copy of state registration certificate;

copy of the charter (with a seal confirming registration);

a card with specimen signatures of persons entitled to sign documentation;

documents confirming the right to sign the above persons.

Opening accounts for a foreign company

Why do I need a foreign company account?

To carry out activities in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, a foreign company, regardless of its organizational legal form, is required to have an account with a Belarusian bank.

Types of bank accounts that a non-resident in Belarus can open

A foreign legal entity is entitled to open the following types of accounts with a Belarusian bank:

current (settlement) account;

deposit account.

What does a foreign legal entity need to do to open a bank account?

To open an account with a bank in Belarus, the director or other authorized representative of a foreign company needs to prepare, translate and certify the entire package of required documents and apply to the bank with an application for opening a current (settlement) account.

What documents are needed?

To open an account, a non-resident must provide:

application for opening an account (filled out directly at the bank);

copies of documents proving the legal status of the company in accordance with the laws of the country where the non-resident is established (these may be copies of the charter, memorandum of association or other documents);

extract from the trade register of the country of incorporation of a non-resident, certificate of registration of the organization or other copies of documents confirming the registration of a legal entity;

documents confirming the powers of persons to manage the account (protocols, decisions, orders, contracts);

a card with specimen signatures of persons authorized to manage the account and the seal of the account holder (issued at the bank);

identity document – for an individual applying to the bank on behalf of a legal entity.

All documents required to open an account must be translated into one of the state languages ​​(Belarusian or Russian), in which the translator’s signature, as well as a card with sample signatures, and copies of the identification card must be certified by a notary. All documents must be certified with the Apostille stamp.

The procedure for opening an account of non-residents of Belarus

When a foreign legal entity applies to open an account, the bank carries out a preliminary analysis of the possibility of opening an account based on a questionnaire on the types of activity, form of legal entity, purpose of opening an account, sources of income, legal status of the organization.

Further, when making a positive decision on the basis of preliminary analysis, a representative of a foreign company submits an application to open an account with the necessary documents attached.

Account for representative offices and branches

The procedure for opening a current account in Belarus for branches and representative offices is similar to that for non-resident legal entities. In addition to the above documents, a copy of the regulations on the representative office and a copy of the permission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus to open it must be provided to the bank. These documents must be certified by a notary.

Banks for international business

Stability of Belarusian banks

In Belarus, a guarantee is provided for the repayment of deposits in the event of unforeseen circumstances in connection with which the bank will not be able to pay its debts.

However, this is rather a preventive measure, as Belarusian banks undergo a strict licensing procedure, which virtually eliminates the possibility of one-day banks appearing on the market.

Quick opening a bank account to a foreign legal entity

To speed up the procedure for opening an account, a foreign legal entity can contact a company that provides services in support of opening current accounts with Belarusian banks.

Support for opening a bank account in Belarus by a foreign company and a foreigner (non-resident)

Organizations offering assistance in processing and maintaining a bank account are widespread in the services market in Belarus. All necessary actions, such as: filling out questionnaires, preparing documents, sending an application and opening an account with a bank, the employees of such an organization perform themselves, as well as directly accompany a representative of a foreign legal entity to the bank for the final signing of the contract.

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